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JUN CLINIC is specialized in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and beauty skin surgery operating on an appointment basis. Your doctor versed in surgeries and laser treatments will attend to find a treatment best fit for you.

Our specialty is in “customized laser treatment“ by deploying its unique combination of lasers in yielding effective results not achievable by a conventional single laser equipment. Our clinic is equipped with 7 different kinds of advanced laser equipment to formulate the most appropriate combination fit to each individual client's requirements.

For those of you who are reluctant in surgical treatments, we are here to provide an assortment of customized treatment methods (at fixed pricings) best suited for your requirements.

Jun Sugawara Ph.D., Director

Jun Sugawara Ph.D., Director




Dark circles under eyes / Breast enlargement / Slim Body / Small Face / Lift-up (HIFU Suture) / Exhaustion recovery / etc.

Skin Care

Skin Care

Laser / Botox / High Frequency RF (Apollo) / Small face (BNLS) injection / Blood ozone cleansing / HARG Treatment / etc.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Ptosis / Lid entropion / Lid Ectropion / Facial Paralysis / Inverted Nipple / Scars / Atopic dermatitis / Skin tumor / etc.


Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Beauty Dermatology

1402 Kita Ishido-Cho,
Nagano City, Nagano 380-0826

Schedule of Examination:
Wednesday - Sunday
Open: 10:00 - 19:00
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Rejuvenation Tour to Japan

Antiaging Treatment and Refreshing Discovery Tour in Japan
Personal and Customized.

Combination of anti-aging treatment and refreshing sojourn in Japan

  • - A day's slot for anti-aging treatment at the selected clinic
  • - A week of refreshing sojourn through modern and classical Japan with your family and friends
  • - Assortment of choices of accommodation, hot spring, food and logistics of your own itinerary to meet your budget